About Us

The philosophy of INDOOR.LK is to provide a healthy, professionally managed and maintained indoor environment where groups of friends, families and workmates can enjoy playing social sports all year round. We are a 2022 start up with a strong business and philosophical foundation that is dedicated to providing Sri Lankans with the best indoor sporting experience.
Today Sri Lankans are showing a growing disinterest in the engaging word of sports. With today’s highly busy and tightly schedules lifestyles, Sri Lankans are finding it very inconvenient to engage in sports activity at outdoor locations due to unexpected weather conditions and a lack of knowledge about the available sporting grounds and facilities. After a thorough analysis of this predicament, months of planning and a number of discarded prototypes, our passionate team of IT experts and sports enthusiasts developed the best and only solution that is INDOOR.LK.
Thus, INDOOR.LK is the first, the best and the only platform dedicated to providing marketing solutions exclusively for indoor sports centers and complexes. Our platform allows indoor sporting facilities to advertise their services as listings that will be seen by millions of Sri Lankans all over the island. Indoor complexes and facilities listed in our website can be searched for by location, by category, and by name, providing an extremely convenient option for Sri Lankans to discover the best indoor sporting facilities, where they could enjoy sports activities of their choice with their friends and families at their convenience.
“Play Hard and Play Convenient with, Sri Lanka’s first and largest network of indoor sports centers and facilities at your fingertips.”
It is our goal not only to provide a convenient solution for Sri Lankans to discover indoor sporting facilities, but also to provide support for indoor sporting complexes and facilities in their marketing ventures. We believe not only in the preservation of high-quality sportsmanship and fitness of Sri Lankans but also in the economical development of Sri Lanka’s sports industry. It is our vision to make Sri Lanka the crux of the world of sports by engaging as many Sri Lankans as possible and it is our mission to deliver high quality services to achieve those goals. Providing you with a stressless and convenient way to engage in sports activities at your leisure and connecting you with indoor sports centers island-wide is our number one priority.
“Discover the best marketing solutions for your indoor sports complex, with Sri Lanka’s number 1 platform dedicated to indoor sporting.”

Our Team

“As a sports enthusiast myself, I was very frustrated to see many Sri Lankans today struggling to actively engage in sports, succumbing to obesity and lethargy with age. Fitness and sports are vital components of the human lifestyle and should be ingrained in our culture and Sri Lankan way of life. Often this is due to the lack of convenience that comes with outdoor sporting grounds due to the extremely busy lifestyles today and the lack of resources or the knowledge to find them. INDOOR.LK aims to provide Sri Lankans with that convenience of looking up indoor sports centers and facilities anywhere in Sri Lanka of any variety. It is my vision to build a healthier Sri Lanka, where the young and the old, the men and the women, enthusiastically engage and enjoy sports activities at their convenience.”

Mohammed Shakir Shabeer

“My motivation for INDOOR.LK is my passion to alleviate Sri Lanka’s growing disinterest in sports. Our younger generations are becoming more and more disconnected with the rigorous world of sports, while they immerse themselves in their video games and the internet. This is becoming a major problem not only to our values as a country but also to our health. INDOOR.LK is our solution to a healthier and more prosperous Sri Lanka. INDOOR.LK provides a platform for indoor sports complexes and facilities to advertise themselves to an audience that is online. We are fully committed to creating a healthier Sri Lanka that is the crux of the world of sports and give those values to our younger generations while also creating economical value to our local businesses.”

Abdhur Rahman Ashraf

Co Founder

How Are We Different

INDOOR.LK is the first, if not the only platform, which exclusively provides online marketing solutions for Sri Lankan indoor sports centers. We are unique in that we are the only online platform that provides this service, while conforming to international level quality standards. Our website lists various kinds of indoor sports centers such as badminton courts, basketball courts, cricket and football pitches, tennis courts and many more in a variety of locations from the buzzling streets of Colombo to the ancient city of Kandy, and from the picturesque mountains of Matale to the sandy shores of Galle. We provide our clients with access to the largest network of indoor sporting complexes and facilities, from all across Sri Lanka via a platform that is expertly crafted, with an attractive design that is mobile responsive allowing our users to access our services at their own convenience, from any device. Above all we have a highly passionate and dedicated team of IT experts and sports enthusiasts that have made it their top priority to provide you with the highest quality of convenience and marketing solutions.